Cup of Scorpio’s Pen

Oh the places we all have been! I – a person who has been not far from my original birth place, but through more than I could ever wish upon anyone, am here just writing my heart away. To you- a view of possible art, a story of someone’s life or maybe a small glimpse of your own. My poems are here because I have been through some of these things, but I have also met thousands of people in my life now. I don’t see the use of keeping the poetry left unsaid or my thoughts bottled in a journal. If it helps, soothes or just seems fun- I hope you enjoy! Thank you for stopping by “Cup of Scorpio’s Pen.”

  • The Slower Life
    Have you ever thought that maybe, We do too much we want? We have all that we need, And things we’ve all been taught. Have you ever thought that maybe, We should be a bit more slow? What if we were like turtles when; They walk deep in the snow. Have you pondered if we’d daily, Make it through with ease? No […]
  • My First Children’s Book!
    Thank you all for the long wait. My fianceé and I have been a bit sick and I have been finishing up my new children’s book Lucille the Seal: Finds a Fish I hope you all who have kids or just enjoy kids books enjoy my ebook! Lucille will hopefully be a series! Let me know what you think! Lots of love […]
  • Her Lilac Field- (Video)
    This poem and video was inspired by my soon to be wife. We have been together for seven years now, as it seems time has gone by so, so fast. I love the small and quirky things she does. I also love the grand amazing things she does as well. To be able to spend the time with you is precious and […]
  • My Gifted Necklace
    It was only a necklace, But is now what I need. I don’t know how I’ll do it, But I stride to succeed. My love is very generous, My soul is just as much. It pains me to see others struggle, And fight for just a touch. I miss the days of neighborhood, Sometimes I feel, a lie. I once was blind […]
  • Her Lilac Field
    Lilacs rest upon your yellow dress, The sky a blue oh-so clear. You lift a flower to sniff the scent, Your hair drapes over your ear. I find that you are pulchritudinous, Your elegance is swiftly smooth. Like air across the calm seas, So gently do you move Reminding me of a fairytale, Your nature seems fictitious. To everything you hold so […]
  • The Light
    It’s in the sun, It’s in the moon. The orange tint, Inside of you. Whenever you’re scared, Or need something right, Don’t be afraid; To ask the light. No matter who, Or why and when. Remember that, The light doesn’t dim. So here you are, Just take a breath. You’ll be just fine, The light hasn’t left. 🧡
  • Having a Bad Day?
    I would love to see my friends Succeed at the things they can. When it comes to work today, Remember that it’s all okay! Sometimes we don’t have good days, Next time we’ll find a better way.
  • Holiday Spirit ❤️
    If I had to start to tell a little story, I wouldn’t make it pretty or even bright. I’d never change the colors of the full and very scary, I wouldn’t cap up on the sharps of knives. I would simply remove the rose’d up tint, To which most have once they smell mint. Once the sleigh bells ring and white snow […]
  • Silveston the Clown
    One day teenage Timmy went “trick o’ treating.” He knew where everyone was meeting. Out down by the swings, by the big orange thing, Beside the set of monkey bars, bring the goodies! They were defying their parents and smoking. Little did Timmy know, no one was showing. He made it to their spot, sat there a lot, Then lit up a […]
  • The Quiet Man
    Silence “Don’t say a word” Silence “I swear he heard” Silence “There’s something in the closet” Silence “He’s closer now I swear!” “Siiilllennncceee….” End.
  • Words of Advice
    Back to whenever, You said forever, But never did you mean, What you had said. You thought the stars aligned, But man you missed the signs, It happens to us all, We can’t deny it. Even though you were scared, We preserve without a care, But sometimes it creeps up, There’s no stopping. Just because you’re aware, Doesn’t mean you have to […]
  • My Pandemic Brain
    It’s messed up, The sight of a pandemic, Just getting into the world, Then feel like you’ve already lived it. Isn’t it terrific? How we say “don’t sweat it” But never mean it, We could take our laundry to the cleaners, But maybe we won’t make it back, Cause Uncle Larry sneezes. This shits important, But some just distort it, But maybe […]
  • The Schizo
    It’s a pounding in your chest when it happens, My face goes numb, can’t get angry or excited, All I am is paranoid, always uninvited, If I ever see your face again I’ll palms close, strike it. I never wanted to be this way, Tell me that I’m okay, but I’m living insane, But the voices got the best of me, My […]
  • A Little Help From a Stranger
    The kindness of one can hit you like a brick, The restoration is anything but slow, it’s quite quick. You don’t get a thought other than “thank you.” You wouldn’t imagine someone doing this, forever thankful. A tiny gesture, or an immaculate gift. Either way, someone thought about you, quick. In the end, faith in your neighborhood is restored. It doesn’t have […]
  • Your Book
    I see the passion, Ink upon tree, Not even cats, Can distract thee. You, in the zone, So hot, so close. You set the climax, Then *ding*; new book! As I witness this, You jump for joy! So purely happy, It’s so divine.
  • A Seat at the Table
    ⚠️ Mention of suicide ⚠️ If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please reach out to 1-800-273-TALK (8255) For the man who grew up black and blue, To the woman who can say “me too.” To the other man who never spoke, Or the person who always came through. To all of you who know the pain, Of making […]
  • Never Give Up.
    Writing, exciting, I see it every day. I take it, misplace it, I keep the hurt at bay. What writing does for each of us, Might not be one for all. But even if it’s not the same, It might be still to solve. Books and letters, songs and plays, They have messages that go a long way. So please don’t give […]
  • A little unwell.
    The month ends, And money is gone, But I won’t lose my grip. I keep saying, I’ll make it through, Each day I catch a glimpse. I’m not lazy, Like others say, I actually do all I can. I’m not one, To sit around, I actually try to recover. But unfortunately, I’m twenty eight, My legs won’t ever become better. I’ll do […]
  • Shout Out!
    ⚠️ ONLY FOR 18+⚠️ A big shout out to S.W Brew who is a big supporter of mine! She is releasing her second novel “Trapped or Treasured” on October 31, 2022! You can find the link below to her website! Have a marvelous evening everyone! Happy spooky season! Click this link to go to : S.W Brew Webpage Find her first book: […]
  • Together We Shine
    The stars align, In due time, You’ll never know, Until they shine. But until then, Listen close. Because I know, How far you’ve shone. Sometimes life, Can be a bitch. Other times, It’s simple shit. But in the end, It’ll be just fine, I promise you, It will all align. Not just the stars, But you, too. I’ve been there, Sometimes worse. […]